NEW ONLINE STORE! And other updates...

It has been in the making for a while now, but I have finally added an Online Store to my website! Just in time for the holidays as well! It has also been a while since my last blog post. For a while things got really busy from work, art business, and personal reasons. I finished up my last exhibition in October of this year. Over the past year I have participated in over 6 exhibitions in Oklahoma (1 more than last year’s exhibition list), gave 1 artist talk about my artwork, taught 3 art classes to kids, been included in 3 written articles about my work, and attended 1 art market. I was busy in the studio finishing up art work for certain exhibitions, was being contacted by various organizations and people about my artwork, and was juggling virtual programming at my museum job.

As much as I enjoyed the challenge I am happy to finally take a step back, for or my physical, spiritual, and mental health. This year has been one of the hardest years for myself as an artist and person. I will definitely be reflecting back on this year. As good as my year may sound, I haven't walked away without heartache, scratches, and bruises. We still have less than two months before the year is up, and I am taking the time to reflect and heal from the hardship of this year. I just want to remind those that read this... it's ok to fail. It is ok to get angry, sad, and upset. Let it out, and try to let go of negative emotions. Replace that void with self-care and love. Reach out for help from loved ones, or seek out counseling. For my Native relatives, turn toward our ceremonies, there is healing with those spirits. I also relearned this year that you can't control what other people do, think, or say. You can only control yourself, and I plan to hold myself standing tall with hands on my hips marching forward.

"Well, these 'Moccasins' were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do... one of these days the 'Mocs' will walk all over you."