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Santa Fe Indian Market 2023, Commissions, OSU Award, and Future Fall Exhibition!

The heat in Oklahoma for the first to middle part of August were sweltering… so much worse than I previously mentioned in my last post. A lot of days with temps over 100 degrees. But its finally in the high 80’s and 90’s and that feels so much better. Since I last shared my post, I have had several great things happen via my art making and doings in the last two months and several things I am looking forward to. I have received several commissions over the past two months, and I look forward to sharing those projects when they are completed. Santa Fe Indian Market was a blast! Also, I was selected for an award by the OSU College of Arts and Science which I will be presented with in September. Lastly is I am looking forward to an exhibition that I will be coming up in the future with more details below.

The OU campus is buzzing with students currently as the Fall semester begins. I have been swamped with my work at the office, but I have been working on the commissions in the evenings… well, the evenings when I haven’t been too tired. One is with a certain magazine and here in mid-September I will reveal what that is. These artworks I created are digital images I completed with Procreate on my Ipad and I loved how they turned out. So, keep an eye out for when I share that on my social media. Another commission I am currently working on is watercolor illustrations for a special book project. I can’t wait to share this one as well. There is also a future commission I am working on getting started but more discussion is needed but I am excited for this. I know I didn’t reveal much, but some of my projects recently have been some amazing commissions, and I so appreciate that these organizations and individuals have reached out to me to create artwork for them. It great to know that they decided to reach out to me for my style and skill level.

Now to Santa Fe, New Mexico! This Santa Fe Indian Market was one of the best art markets I have had to date. I wasn’t expecting to have a good turnout with sales, but there was a lot of people attending the market. I received the biggest surprise with a wonderful artist and her husband who loved my largest piece I brought and purchased this one. She is an artist as well that works in textiles and multimedia and she was super excited to see this piece. I was very appreciative, and I know the piece will be in good hands. I did sell some smaller original works as well. I met some wonderful people there and it was good to be back in Santa Fe. We stayed at this wonderful Airbnb that was out from town, and I finally got to have my cup of coffee sitting on the back porch of the adobe house. Saw the hummingbirds, lizards, and listened to the rain and thunder in the distance. As I always tell people, we are moving to Santa Fe when its retiring age. If I can get their sooner than that is even better. I just LOVE Santa Fe, it feels so warm to me. I look forward to being there again next year!

This next month I am being awarded with the OSU Rising Star Alumni Award, given by the OSU College of Arts and Science. I shared news of this earlier on my social media platforms once it came out in the OSU connect magazine. I have known about the award since March 2023, so I have been patiently waiting to reveal the news. I am so honored, humbled, and thrilled that I have been selected. It is nice to be recognized for the hard work I do, even though I had no idea anyone from OSU was watching me. I try to do the best work I can in my creative endeavors. There will be an award ceremony and dinner mid-September, and many of my family and several mentors will be attending with me. I’ll have my own cheerleading section I feel like. Also, as a bonus with the award, I just found out that Josh and I were gifted tickets to the OSU game that same weekend and get to be in the club section of the Boone Pickens stadium. I am not really a sports person, but I think the offer is neat as I don’t know when another opportunity will come up when I get to types of tickets! My hubby is big football and OSU fan, so he is ecstatic. I will share photos of the ceremony event and the game once the time comes on my social media. Thank you to OSU for the honor!

I am also preparing right now for an upcoming exhibition at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, Gaylord-Pickens Museum. The exhibition will focus on Native American women artists, and I am honored to have been selected. I have several pieces of mine that will be exhibited, and I am currently working on getting a new piece finished before they are due at the museum to be displayed. I will again post more info on my social media and the homepage of my website about this exhibition.

As always, I am thankful for all the support, love, and encouragement from everyone that continues to follow me and the work I do. I know now that the artwork I make is not just for me but others, as well as me breaking down barriers for my native people and creating a path for others to follow. It is a good feeling to know that I inspire others. It’s not easy by any means, and each challenge is always harder than the last, but I continue to face them head on. I am also thankful to the Creator, the Holy People, the spiritual beings, and relatives/ancestors that I know are helping me along the way. May all those that read this know I appreciate you and I thank you for your support!

Take Care!

Warm Regards


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