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That's A Wrap! Bye 2021!

I am ready to put 2021 behind me in the past. It sure was challenging year with so many changes in my personal life and the lives of those all around the world. This year was stressful for me, as at the start of 2021 my husband and I were slowly getting well from COVID-19 which led to us missing Christmas and New Years of last year. So, we greatly enjoyed this year’s family gatherings over the last two months. I think some of us went over the top in 2021, since 2020 seemed to put a damper on everyone’s normal holiday gatherings. But despite that, it was good to see family and friends, but it sure tired me out. I am very much a homebody person, and this year we had 4 Christmas events in a row in four days. This sure drained my emotional and mental energy, that the last few days I been recuperating my inner self. I feel the same way after a long art market weekend so it’s a process for me.

Despite a rough start to 2021, I was working hard at the grindstone, or I should say at the painting easel, as I had to finish my large painting for the First Americans Museum, and shortly after finishing 3 large 4ft x 4ft drawings for the Oklahoma Visual Art Coalitions Momentum Exhibition as one of three Spotlight Artists. Right after this was a hard-hit snowstorm in February as we worked to make sure our home was warm and keeping waterpipes from freezing. I have lived in Oklahoma most of my life and I have never seen it that cold! But we made it through. I had a great time sharing my art in OKC and Tulsa. I even shared artwork at the 21c Museum Hotel for a good portion of the year. It’s nice because my art can sit on walls for others to view instead of our front guest bedroom. Also shared artwork at the Seminole Nation Museum for the Speak: Speak While You Can exhibition this closes the last day of 2021. A few of my pieces were also accepted by the IMAGINE Network which will be included in a booklet that will be released in 2022. Also participated in the Online Cherokee Art Market.

I thank all those that purchased artwork from me this year! As always, the funds are put right back into my artmaking. And I am thankful since I already have art exhibits lining up for the start of 2022, and the first is in Tulsa at Neff Brewing. Was contacted in the last month to by Neff Brewing to display some of my art at their taproom! I enjoy a good pub, bar, and taproom scene. A pub that is more laid back is more my cup of ‘beer’.

In terms of projects, I am working on a bunch of small oil paintings, and after a good portion are completed, I am going to work on some new larger pieces. There is a long list of ideas I have in store, and I am looking forward to sharing them with others. Art is my way to communicate with the world, and I may start working on some more personal art pieces to help in the healing process of my mind. As I said this year was stressful, and last year was even more so. I am more private in my personal life, but I will say the last two years have been very hard on me. I thank my friends and family for helping me with all my endeavors and being the core of my support! I thank the Manitous & Yei’s, the Holy People, and the Creator for always guiding me…

I trust you all are ready for a New Year because I sure am. I made some great connections with others and had some great memories from this past year. Thank you to all those that supported me this year and help me further my art career! Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. I do truly appreciate it. My warmest regards to you who have read this… and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!

Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd

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