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2022 Exhibitions Line Up!

I did not realize that I had not posted a new blog post for the New Year. The year has started out great with a few of my art pieces traveling to Tulsa, OK and displayed at Neff Brewing for the month of January 2022. I have been waiting to hear back from several exhibition opportunities I applied for and have some exciting news. As of right now I found out I was accepted for the Momentum Exhibition again! I turn 29 on Monday, and I realize I only have two more years to apply for this exhibition since it is for 30 and under and its surreal, I am almost 30. I am waiting on details, but the exhibition will be at the end of March. Another art exhibition I was invited to participate in is for a project called “This is Place” which is led by Lauren Rosenfelt and funded by the Thrive! Grant awarded by OVAC. This project focuses on Oklahoma artists, community gardening, ecological and historical sharing of knowledge, and place. I submitted three pieces for considering, after the invite, and all of them will be accepted, and photocopies of the original works will be displayed outdoors in the Little Axe community. The pieces will be up for viewing soon. You can view the list of artists and info here at this web address. There will be a day of festivities and reception in April. | | And the last thing is this morning I was accepted to the March 2022 Paseo Arts Exhibition with the theme of ‘Home’. Two of my art pieces were selected for this exhibition. I do know the reception will be March 4th in the evening. I will be posting all these exhibitions on my upcoming list on my main home page on my website.

I trust you can swing by to any of these exhibit receptions or during the duration of the exhibitions to see me, my artwork, and the other local Oklahoma artists. I love that the arts are just continuing to grow in our state of Oklahoma, and that I am a part of that growing process. It is neat to me and humbling to be invited for shows and for projects, and even if it is just for my insight. The art I make helps me express myself to others and I enjoy seeing people have a positive experience from the art pieces. For those that purchase any of my art I greatly appreciate and trust they take care of the pieces I created and continue to receive joy from them.

I have not posted any new art pieces but promise I have been working hard on all my artwork. I have a new system in place to see if this will help in keeping me on track with my studio hours. Even though I haven’t posted any new pieces on my social media pages, I have many pieces in the works, and waiting for them to finish curing in the drying process or they are almost complete. This system will help me keep a consistent release of work through out the year. There are some other projects I have on the back burner that I am working to start that are a lot larger. I have large 3ft by 4ft stretches I am looking to work with after I order canvas.

The start of this year has been great as several groups and individuals have reached out to me for my insight, opinions, and knowledge. I find this humbling as I mentioned before. At times I still see myself as a student and it’s hard for me to see that I am going through a sort of transition where I am having others contact me for help on various projects. I am getting used to it, but I enjoy it. To share my knowledge makes me feel as if I am helping in some way. Through my art I enjoy sharing my visual narratives of indigenous cultures the way I view it every day in my life. I look forward to more interactions like this. I trust you all stay safe and healthy and wishing you the best. I trust you can come view some of my art at the various galleries of the next few months. Warmest wishes.

Amber L DuBoise-Shepherd

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