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BEST OF SHOW: Cushing, OK-Native Fest

I was and am excited, but last Saturday, September 7th, I was awarded Best of Show at the Cushing, Oklahoma Native Fest! I have won every year for the last 4 years, and this year I won Best of Show! I am very grateful, blessing, and appreciative of this honor and award. The prize money was great to, and I have put some away and even purchased some new art supplies. For myself I really like to win awards, but then again who doesn't. I am actually very competitive when it comes to my art, and I think that is because I was competitive in academics even when I was in a little kid. I took home lots of prizes and I always enjoyed challenges and studying. For me I feel like it as a big accomplishment.

Thank you to the Native Fest event staff for putting on this event and allowing us Native artists and cultural performers a platform for to show our skills and talents. It was a great show, and I feel as if there is more and more artist. I was also filmed to promote Native Fest by one of the sponsors of the event. They came out and filmed me at work, my studio, and at Native Fest. They will let me know when the filming is done.

It was great to see fellow artist, and I did purchase some pieces from them to give to family and friends, and some things for myself and Josh of course! Many artist won and congrats to those that did. I really enjoy this market, and I hope it benefits the town of Cushing, OK.

If you look on my home page you can see I will be attending the Cherokee Art Market next month in October in Tulsa, OK. I will create another banner once I find out my booth number. I am excited, and I trust I can get several pieces finished before then. We will see...

Thank You!


Best of Show! Cushing, OK Native Fest Art Show and Competition

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