Cherokee Art Market Thoughts

Happy October!

This last weekend was the Cherokee Art Market at the Hard Rock Casino and Resort, and it was fun even with not many sales. I was really impressed with the staff at the Cherokee Art Market. They were super helpful and I loved the fact my mother and I could pull up to the entrance, and they were more than happy to help us. The CAM staff even helped us carry in my gear and artwork to my booth. The amenities were great and like I said I was really impressed.

I appreciate my family for helping as well. My mother, step-dad, brother, husband, and mother-in-law all came up to enjoy the market and the casino entertainment, and of course help me at my booth. Ran into fellow artist friends, and made new artist friends. It was great to see friends come over to see me at the market. I received some offers for potential art showings, but need to look more into it.

I really enjoyed the Cherokee Art Market, but sales were not great. It was really slow sales wise, but as said before the market staff was great. Makes me wonder what could be changed to let more people of Tulsa know about this market. I do congratulate the winners of the market, and for them winning with their amazing artwork. One really exciting thing was I made an awesome trade for clothing by Penny Singer, a Navajo clothing design. Definitely loved her clothing and recommend all my followers to follower her on social media.

It was great to talk to fellow artists, and make som