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Exhibition Bricktown, OKC and Cherokee Art Market on the Horizon!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Fall cannot arrive fast enough! Here in Oklahoma, since the beginning of July, it has been so hot. It almost felt like I was in Phoenix. One of the days I remember the temp reached 114 F which was just miserable. I have not seen it that hot in Oklahoma in all my life even as a kid. I did post a story on my Instagram stating, “when did Oklahoma migrate to Phoenix!” But here soon it looks like the weather is going to get cooler (we hope) and bring some much-needed chances of rain. My poor garden flowers are just suffering in the extreme heat. Fortunately for me I did get a chance to spend a week in Pecos, NM on an Art & Nature Retreat for the museum I work for hosted. The temps were great and lots of dramatic storms rolling down the mountain. Pecos, NM is about 30 minutes southeast of Santa Fe. We stayed at the Benedictine Monastery, Our Lady of Guadalupe, at their retreat center and their monastery butts up to the wilderness of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Dr. Madeline Rugh led the retreat, and she guided us all on an Art and Nature art therapy program and I enjoyed creating art that doesn’t necessarily look like know style of art. I have been attending these Art & Nature programs since we started them at the museum, and I have really enjoyed the art that has come out of the program that I have created. I have been thinking of adding another tab to my artist page to share these works and encourage others to investigate the program because I believe it would help others, even those that have never picked up a paint brush before. If you wish to learn more, you can visit the website at

Side Note: I did get to view some of the new exhibitions at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in Santa Fe! My husband's cousin, Dr. Stacy Pratt, has writings showcased in an exhibition of her families artwork there which is just amazing, and saw a few of Ben Harjo's printmaking pieces on the 2nd floor in a different exhibition.

Now if you are in the OKC area you can now view several of my art pieces at the Chickasaw art gallery, Exhibit C, in the exhibition “HEARTWORK: ARTISTRY BY MODERN FIRST AMERICAN WOMEN.” open through October 31st. The gallery is in Bricktown in the heart of OKC and is a wonderful gallery with many items that can be purchased as gifts that were created and designed by Native artists. The exhibition was also written about in the Cleveland County magazine sharing my work and three other fellow women Native artists. I am still waiting to hear if they will have an exhibition reception and will add that to the exhibition info on my home page.

In October I will be attending the next Cherokee Art Market at the Hard Rock Casino Tulsa, in Catoosa, OK! Come out and see me October 8th and 9th as I will have plenty of new and affordable smaller original art pieces along with several of my larger art pieces that will also be for sale. I am excited to attend a large market this year, as I did not get to attend Red Earth or Santa Fe Indian Market this year. I think it is best since I need to catch up on projects and new inventory. You can still purchase several of small originals at the Red Earth Art Center in downtown OKC as well. There are several projects I am working on and my trip to Pecos, NM sure motivated and energized me to create more artwork!

Thank you all for your support and kind words! And a big thank you to those that have purchased art in the last month! It always helps my art making.


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