Fall Exhibitions and FAM Opening!

Fall is slowly making its way to Oklahoma as the temps finally begin to fluctuate. It is still hot but not like it was in August. But this September is starting off strong for a good fall exhibition of my artwork. Currently for the month of September I have artwork up at the 21c Museum Hotel, and at the Culture Hub with We The People Consulting offices until the end of September. I led a mixed media class on Sept. 7th for the Culture Hub and the participants were awesome! Very welcoming. I also have an art piece out in Wewoka, OK at the Seminole Nation Museum for the Speak: Speak While You Can exhibition curated by Tony Tiger & Bobby M.

This month is the First Americans Museum Grand Opening on September 18th & 19th! I finally got to view FAM with my close family on August 29th and got to see the art piece that was used for the mural in the gallery! It was so neat to see, and I am so happy that my close family finally got to see the final piece. It’s beautiful and it sure compliments the objects within the gallery. My family was very excited to see my art pieces. I was beside myself to see the artwork I created during the pandemic of last year, and towards the end of the project my husband and I got Covid, which made it more difficult to finish while being sick.

I am so thankful and honored to be a part of an even larger community. All the work that went into completing this museum for all the Oklahoma tribes has been a feat for all involved. I trust the staff members of FAM will soon get some vacation time to relax. I am so happy to represent my family, friends, relatives, & relations at the museum. My brother is working now up at FAM and he is loving it. He is looking forward to opening weekend as am I! I will be there for the opening so, if you do decide to come you can get your tickets at their website.

Regarding studio work, I have been taking a step back and working on some small oil paintings. I plan to make quite a few small art pieces that I hope will be ready by October to November for the holiday season. I did finish an art piece for OVAC for one of their sponsors. The OK Art Crawl is next month and I working to try get into that so others can view my work here in Shawnee, OK. At the museum I work at (Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art) I am very busy with the Oklahoma Museum Association Conference,