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Happy Holiday Season, New Art and Shop Sales!

We are getting ready to swing into the holiday season. I have been busy with my work at the museum and working on new art in my studio. Some of the artwork has been finished, varnished, and is ready for purchase in my store. I will also be having a sale on my prints from 40% off starting thanksgiving day to a week after new year’s (use code PRINTSALE21). Once my prints are gone, they are gone so this would be a great chance to get some prints. I have other original pieces as well that are available for purchase in my Art Portfolio but since those are a larger there would be a need to negotiate on shipping costs or even a drop off. You can email me if you are interested in those larger pieces.

If you don't follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you would not be seeing my stories I post that show my progress on my current art pieces. I am working on larger paintings of various subjects. I am looking forward to sharing them as they are completed. Most of them should end up on my shop over the new couple of months or in my Art Portfolio. Last month I was accepted for the IMAGEN’s “Native American Female Art and Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-2021” booklet. Two of my pieces "The Greetings and Clans of My Ancestors" and "I long to pray before the mountain..." were selected. Last year about this same time, I won the grand prize and runner up from the IMAGEN group. I am very honored to be a part of their selections again this year, and trust my art helps inspires other indigenous girls and women.

Regarding my museum work I have been giving several presentations, and I gave a presentation down in Idabel, OK at the Museum of the Red River over Navajo textiles. I had been there a few weeks before that, again, to the museum in Idabel to select cradleboards for a spring exhibition at our museum. They have wonderful collection, and currently have a temporary exhibition of Navajo Rugs and Textiles. They are very old pieces with pieces dating back to the first styles of Navajo weaving. My mother helped me give the presentation, since my late great-grandmother was an amazing Navajo weaver. Whenever I smell wool, I think of her. They recorded the presentation and it’s on the Museum of the Red Rivers YouTube Channel. The researching I did, and the presentation was great, and I really enjoyed the Broken Bow Lake, and I am thinking my hubby and I will have to take a mini vacation down there. It feels like you're in the mountains. I also gave two talks to a local Oklahoma school and did a large zoom call for students in Window Rock, AZ as a Native American and Artist and talked about my artwork and my culture. I thank my uncle for allowing me the opportunity to speak to his school is AZ. It is Native American heritage month and I do enjoy speaking about my culture and artwork and trust it inspires those around me.

It will be an interesting Holiday season since last year was off because of the pandemic. Last year we missed Christmas because we caught COVID so hopefully this holiday season goes a bit smoother. I am happy to see and spend time with my family and friends. I believe it will still take time till we are all back to a more normalcy but for now I am going to enjoy what I can, stay safe, wash my hands, and keep an eye on my body and what it tells me. Also taking vitamins and eating well is on the list of keeping healthy! I trust you all enjoy and have a safe holiday season with your loved ones... may the Creator and spirits bless you all this holiday season.

Best Wishes


Photo of the Broken Bow Lake and a photo from when I have my presentation in Idabel. Happy Native American Heritage Month and Happy Holidays.

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