Listen to me on Spotify at the Mno Nikan Podcast!

Merry Christmas!

This years Christmas may be very different because of what is going on in the world, but I try to enjoy the little things to make it by each day. This week I had many wonderful things happen all at once that involves my art! All the wonderful news has definitely lifted my spirits. First is that I was invited to participate in a Podcast with Mno Nikan about my artwork! Mno Nikan is a Native American podcast that talks about "History, legends, relevant topics that pertain to Potawatomi, 3 Fires, First Nations, and Native American Tribes." I am very excited that I participated in my first Podcast and I trust their are more to come in the future. You can listen to and check out the podcast below.

Also I am attaching another link for The Women of Oklahoma newsletter. I was recently interviewed by their writers and was included in the 2020 winter issue. You can read the article below.