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Momentum is in full swing and with lots of love!

Momentum is here and I have been receiving so much positive feedback and love. It’s very nice to feel and it is greatly appreciated. I appreciate everyone that has helped me to get this project together. The three pieces I finished looked amazing once up on the wall. I love the way they look. It was a great feeling to get back into a gallery to see artwork. Everyone’s artwork in the exhibition is amazing. My hubby and I actually already purchased a piece of art from the exhibition. My two other fellow Spotlight artists, Marium Rana & Andrea Durán-Cason, all had amazing artwork as well that took a lot of time and were even at a grander scale. Through all this I was interviewed by Brandy McDonnell from the Oklahoman paper about Momentum, interviewed for “Is this a great state or what?” by Galen Culver from News Channel 4 and participated in a podcast with Jeff Krisman. (I have attached a link to the article and the video on my main page. I’ll post the podcast one once it is available) As a bonus I had a zoom call from one of my professors from OSU to talk to a class of sophomores studying fine art. My momentum art pieces will travel from the Mainsite Contemporary Art Gallery in Norman, OK at the end of March and head up to Tulsa, OK at the Livings Arts gallery until April 23rd. You can also find my work at the 21c Museum Hotel where I have 6 pieces up on display. This is another exhibition that OVAC has helped promote with Momentum for their Spotlight Artist. It is nice since I can exhibit my new works and show older pieces at the hotel. This exhibition will be up until August 2021.

I have some small projects I will accomplish of the next two months, but I am actually going to take a bit of R&R. My work my museum is getting really busy so taking a creative break will do me some good. It was a stressful few week there, and it was getting mentally and physically draining. I guess I am bad at relaxing because my husband and I recently ordered a 30-yard dumpster to dismantle a shed and cleaning out a storage shed. We have a few more things to throw away but we have the dumpster full! We are planning to create a big veggie and fruit garden and we are receiving help from my husband’s work associates to chainsaw trees and clear out brush. We do plan to replant some trees around our property. We have quite a few dead ones and some new ones would be great. I do have a green thumb and I am looking forward to seeing my flowers I planted last year come up in my flower garden. I have about 20 plus house plants and I only lost 3 of them in the last year. I am looking forward to seeing how well we can grow veggies and fruit. YouTube gardening channels have been our best source to learn!

Thanks to everyone that have been supporting and hello to my new followers! I hope you enjoy the art and enjoy learning about my artwork. I hope it bring others joy. Like I said I have received many kind words, phone calls, messages, and just love from all over the place because of my art. Me and my art thank you all. If anyone has questions or would like to reach out please feel free to through my Facebook page, Instagram page, or through my email at For any museum inquires where I work, the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, please email me at I will post again soon I trust! Thank you!


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