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My 30's have arrived, and several exhibitions and markets lined up!

This Valentine’s Birthday, of 2023, I finally turned 30 years old, and I am thrilled! I have been looking forward to the big three-o! My 20s were rough in terms of growing pains, with lots of adulting, and just learning about who I am as a person. Also, the Pandemic was just something I didn’t see coming. There was a lot of things I didn’t see coming and it sure knocked me down and then rubbed salt in the wound. It was tough, I am not gonna lie. I learned a lot more about the ‘why’s’ and was able to start to view things with a wider lens. The last couple of years I haven working more on myself by re-evaluating what I wanted, and what I needed, which in turn led me to counseling. I feel as if I grew a lot more spiritually as well. I don’t really talk about my mental and spiritual sides, as I have always been more private about those things. But I do advocate for others to seek out mental health care, and even spiritual care. I feel as if the physical body cannot heal without having the other two in balance as well. I think which every spirituality or religion you follow helps in your healing it will help you grow into a better person (just be sure not to force those views on others). I found myself in the last few years beginning to cut those emotional ties with toxic people and even toxic thinking.

I am not where I want to be, but I have taken big leaps to get to where I am today. It is easier now to catch myself in a negative line of thinking and learning to take much needed breaks when things get overwhelming. I have been spending more time in the outdoors and it has helped me. Nature is healing and I see that now. The one thing I am still lacking is listening to my physical body, my body tells me when I need to slow down, but I have tendency to keep pushing myself. But with the help of my mentors, counselor, and elders I am learning to be more careful with listening with my body. We live in world that can be so demanding of our brains and body, that sometimes we forget to listen. So be sure to take care of yourself.

Anyways… back to regular scheduled programming. As I look forward to my 30s, I am ready to be guided back into more art adventures. What I have on my plate currently is an exhibition coming up, and two art markets in the near and far future. During the weekend of March 10th through the 12th is the Oklahoma Visual Art Coalition’s, Momentum Exhibition. I have one piece that was accepted, and I look forward to sharing it with public this weekend. I plan to be there the first night to enjoy in the festivities. This Momentum Exhibition is my 2nd to last chance, as next year will be last time to apply since I will be aging out. I am sure going to enjoy this one next month, and I am hopefully I get in one more time next year! So come out and see me that weekend, more info is on my home page.

There are two Native markets I will be attending, and I have my booth all paid up! First the 2nd Annual Mvskoke Art Market which will be April 22 – 23 at the River Spirit Casino up in Tulsa, OK. This is my first time attending this one, so I look forward to the next experience. In June of 2023 from the 1 – 3 I will be attending the 37th Red Earth Art Festival which is now going to be at the National Cowboy Museum and Western Heritage Center in OKC, OK. So here are two chances for you to swing by and get some originals! I am working on a bunch of small pieces currently, so I look forward to sharing them.

Along with small works, I have planning on some larger pieces I am going to start soon. I am still in the planning phase which will move to sketches. I was recently interview for a podcast called Beyond Art which focuses on Native people, including Native artists like myself. I will link it to my homepage when they upload it. Of course, be sure to follow me on social media through Facebook and Instagram to see more up content and see what I am up to on the weekly bases. I cannot believe it is already halfway through February. 2023 is sure going by so fast for me, but it was a good start to hopefully a new year! Take Care!

Amber DuBoise-Shepherd

Bonus: Me as a little baby! Almost 30 years ago...

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