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New Exhibitions and Projects On The Horizon

The last month feels like it flew by and even now I am running full speed but feel like I am needing a break soon to recoup my energy. I am so thankful with all the various exhibitions and projects I am apart of right now, but on top of full-time job, family commitments, and various other life goings, I am feeling like that song “Surface Pressure” from the Disney movie Encanto (it’s a great movie if you haven’t seen it!). I am trusting that in May I can get some R&R just for a couple of days. But in terms of my art, it has been amazing to share my work with so many people from the Paseo March Art Show, this year’s Momentum art exhibition, and my artwork up in Tahlequah for the Trail of Tears Art Show for the remainder of April. I also was invite to be a speaker at the 49th Indian Symposium in Tahlequah, Ok with Dr. Stacy Pratt and lead editor and writer for the First Peoples Magazine, America Meredith. It was so nice to speak on native matters and spend time with my relatives.

Recently I delivered artwork up to the Red Earth Art Center in downtown OKC on consignment! If you would like to purchase some of my smaller art pieces you can find them at the Red Earth Art center at the Bancfirst Building. They have a very nice gallery and soon will have another art exhibition up with some wonderful work (I got a sneak peek at what was going up). Here soon I will have artwork up at the Exhibit C gallery in Bricktown in OKC beginning in July. I will be working on some new art pieces to exhibit when that opens.

There is another project I am apart of called “This Is Place” by Lauren Rosenfelt. I recommend following the page on Facebook and seeing the upcoming reception on April 30th from 3pm – 5pm in Little Axe, OK. Lauren selected several of my pieces to be printed in a Zine booklet and they are also on view with the other artists and poets she selected at this link She also has a GoFund me page and working to raise $3,000 to continue the project so please try to donate if you can. Even a couple of dollars is helpful. The onsite exhibition has a different selection of artist in a small community garden. I ended up helping over the weekend with clearing out mulch and saw various flowers already blooming. Lauren is planting more pollinators in the next few weeks. So come out and support the project, meet the artists, enjoy nature, donate if you can, and support the arts in Oklahoma!

At the museum I work for I recently curated a new exhibition with various indigenous cradleboards. I spent time in Idabel, OK, last October choosing 19 cradleboards from the Museum of the Red River. I also am including my brothers and I’s Navajo cradleboard and my mother is loaning her play cradleboard she has had since she was a child to exhibition. More info to come! The exhibition is scheduled to open April 23rd at the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art in Shawnee, OK. The reception is May 6th at 7pm and I will be leading the talk.

Last order of art business is to let my followers know that I have a several new artworks for sale in my Shop! Check those out when you get a chance. Also, I have been brainstorming and working with a mentor of mine and she has been encouraging me to get back into sewing and finger weaving… I may try to get some things together and see how they turn out. I know how to make simple designs finger weaving and I can sew skirts and shawls. I may try it and see if I can get some projects going. Stay tuned for those.

Again, thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement. It means a lot to me. I trust you enjoy my art pieces and its neat to see them in so many spaces. Check out my exhibition list to see where I will be next.


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