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New Year, Starting 2021

Happy New Year! I am a little late to posting this, but because of health, art projects, and museum work, I became very busy. First is that in the middle of December, 2020 had to put one more cruddy cherry on the end of the year. My husband and I caught COVID-19 and ended up having to quarantining the rest of the year missing Christmas and New Years with our family. My husband had it worse than myself, but I did have a mild case. Even today I still struggle with my sense of smell and it's not quite back yet. It was a tough few weeks and we are thankful we made it through.

I was finishing up a big project and it was finally finished last week... I will post more about this soon. I have been working on it since October and I am looking forward to sharing it. More to come. I got a little R & R this last weekend but I am gearing up to start my next big project as OVAC's Momentum Spotlight Artist! I had a studio visit with the curators for Momentum and it was great and I learned a lot and reflected on what was said which is was very encouraging.

Currently I am back at my work at the museum I work at, the MGMoA in Shawnee, OK, and getting back into the swing of things. I still feel a little exhausted from all the life events from the past month, but I will pull through, I always seem to. I am thankful for my health, my job, my art, family & friends. Be safe everyone, be sure to wear your mask around others, and wash your hands. Best wishes...


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