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OVAC Spotlight Artist & IMAGEN Network Grand Prize and Runner Up!

I received some exciting news in the last week! I was contacted by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and was informed I was selected as a Momentum Spotlight Artist for 2021. I submitted a proposal last month based on my most recent project which included Native American language and art. You can view this piece under my portfolio page. I proposed to create similar pieces of art for this next year's Momentum Spotlight Artist. When I received the call and was notified I was so excited and still am excited! Just need to switch gears and put it into overdrive the next couple of weeks to start these projects. So stay tuned to my new pieces of art.

Today on Dec. 14th I learned that two of my art pieces won Grand Prize and Runner Up for the Indigenous Adolescent Girls Empowerment Network IMAGEN's 2020 Art Competition for their show "Native Tradition is Medicine: Resilience and Native Lifeways During COVID-19"! I am very excited that these pieces were honored in such a way. I found out about the IMAGEN Network from a nurse that runs a program called the MISS Program that helps adolescent girls program for ages 12-16. I have taught two art classes for them and I really enjoyed it!

I thank the curator for Momentum and OVAC for choosing my proposal for this next years Momentum Spotlight, and I look forward to working with the two other artists and seeing what they create for their projects. I also would like to thank the judges and those at the IMAGEN Network for this awesome honor of Grand Prize and Runner Up. I also thank my family and friends for always being their for me and encouraging me to continue on this path... I also thank those spirits, my ancestors, and the Creator for guiding, protecting, and encouraging my spirit in this life. I look forward to working more in the studio.

A new year is approaching and I look forward to the next round of challenges. Stay safe everyone! Best wishes!


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