Postponed Exhibition, Cancelled Shows... Time to Reflect

Goodbye March, Hello April!

Its the beginning of April and I know its been crazy for many of you. In light of COVID-19 many art related events have either been postponed or cancelled, which has affected my future shows the next two months. I would like to give some updates to you all over the previous months since I have posted. I ended up getting really busy with my museum as well as exhibitions at the time, and I became a little neglectful of my posts. I want to use my blog posts as a chance to reflect on exhibitions, and my art making.

My last exhibition, Concept/Survey, at the Ahha Gallery in Tulsa, OK was great! I enjoyed showing my artwork and learning about the other artists. My hubby, friend, and I even went up at the beginning of March before things began to close and received a the catalog with all the artists that were apart of the exhibition. It was really neat to see my artwork posted into the Concept/Survey catalog.

Currently I have piece in the art exhibition Momentum in OKC, but it ended up turning into Slowmentum and everything has gone virtual. I appreciate OVAC for allowing artist still be able to show their artwork and supporting Oklahoma artists. It was scheduled to be a 3 day exhibition but now its up until April 19th or maybe longer. Check out OVAC's website and social media. I have the video up on my site if you wish to view all the artwork of the artists.