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Postponed Exhibition, Cancelled Shows... Time to Reflect

Goodbye March, Hello April!

Its the beginning of April and I know its been crazy for many of you. In light of COVID-19 many art related events have either been postponed or cancelled, which has affected my future shows the next two months. I would like to give some updates to you all over the previous months since I have posted. I ended up getting really busy with my museum as well as exhibitions at the time, and I became a little neglectful of my posts. I want to use my blog posts as a chance to reflect on exhibitions, and my art making.

My last exhibition, Concept/Survey, at the Ahha Gallery in Tulsa, OK was great! I enjoyed showing my artwork and learning about the other artists. My hubby, friend, and I even went up at the beginning of March before things began to close and received a the catalog with all the artists that were apart of the exhibition. It was really neat to see my artwork posted into the Concept/Survey catalog.

Currently I have piece in the art exhibition Momentum in OKC, but it ended up turning into Slowmentum and everything has gone virtual. I appreciate OVAC for allowing artist still be able to show their artwork and supporting Oklahoma artists. It was scheduled to be a 3 day exhibition but now its up until April 19th or maybe longer. Check out OVAC's website and social media. I have the video up on my site if you wish to view all the artwork of the artists.

I also found out at the end of February I was accepted to a show that is at the Ahha Gallery in Tulsa, OK that will open at the end of June, ReConvening. I was also invited to show my artwork for an exhibition at the Jacobson House Native Art Center, Azhwakwa, that was suppose to be up this month in April, but that has been postponed.

This last week I was sent an email that the Artesian Native Art Market in Sulphur, OK was cancelled, which was suppose to be Memorial weekend in May, which is understandable. They will refunding our booth money. I also would like to let others know that I received a letter for the Santa Fe Indian Market saying I have been put on a wait list for the market. I attended SWAIA in 2018 and last year in 2019. I am not far down on the wait list, but I think with the way things are, and that I am on a wait list and I won't know until May, makes me unsure on attending if they do reach out to let me know. Also it does take a lot of funding to travel out to Santa Fe, even though its my favorite place in be at, it does take time, and booking hotels, figuring out gas, and food. And with the state the country is in, it may be a good idea to stay home here in Oklahoma.

Currently, the Red Earth Arts Festival, in June is still going on. I am hoping things will be better at that time, but according to the news and health officials at this point, say that Oklahoma hasn't hit its peak yet. So this show is up in there air.

As for myself, I have been good in spite of what is going on. To be honest my creative and art making has gone up. My art at this time is a big positive and helps me feel very productive, which makes me feel good. When the weather has been nice, I am able to work on my outdoor projects. I know many families, individuals, and businesses are struggling, and its sad to see. I have been fortunate that I have a job that allows me to work from home, and my husband is considered an essential worker. In terms of the museum, I only go in once or twice a week, and that started this last week, and may end of April. Many of our educational programs have been cancelled or postponed. Our big event in April, Arts Trek was cancelled. Its hard to close the museum for a while, but its the best thing to keep our visitors, students, and staff be safe and healthy.

But, as I said above, these cancellations of personal, business, and work related events has actually sparked my own creative output. I enjoy being home, being in the studio, love cuddling my cat and working with training our puppers from home. I am home when my husband gets home and we have spent more time together. In a way this pandemic and stay at home orders as allowed me to reflect on my personal life the last couple of weeks.

I feel it has allowed me to breath as well from work, and I can clear my mind, and figure out what our plans will look like when the museum does open back up. It has allowed for me to work on getting our online presences know for the museum. So if you want to see videos of me talking about our collection or creating art pieces please check out the MGMoA Facebook and Instagram.

I know it has been tough for many, many, many people, and my heart and prayers go out to those people. I pray for those that have to still work like my husband, other family, and friends that are consider essential workers. I pray for my family and friends in other states and countries that are stuck from coming home, or are not able to work and go out. I just trust that by staying home, closing certain businesses, and limiting contact will help in curbing the spread the COVID-19. Eventually everything must open back up and I trust everyone can get back on their feet. Just be sure to wash your hands, don't be greedy and hoard essential supplies, and just hang in there.

It will pass, but it will take time. This is a time for us to work together as a country to help our health workers get ahead of the game, so when things open back up we can take proper precautions. I wouldn't be surprised if other illness went down as well, because hopefully people learn that we need to be wash our hands, and take proper steps at cleaning around our homes and businesses. I think things will change, and I only hope its for the better.

Please help each other out, call family and friends, check in on each other, catch up on chores around your home, watch all those shows you been wanting to see, spend time with your family, spend time with yourself... it is time to Reflect on our lives.

I pray you all stay safe, and please keep going. It will get better.

Thank You!


Enjoy my photos from the end of Jan. - Mar. 2020!

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