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Santa Fe Indian Market: Success!


That’s how I feel currently about my experience at this years Santa Fe Indian Market 2019! I loved my booth spot this year, and it was way better than where I was located last year. Also loved the foot traffic, it was just right so I could get a chance to greet most of the people that entered my booth. The weather was beautiful as well, a little windy in the afternoon but no rain, except the days before the market.

Of course, with it being an art market I’m happy that I made sales! I sold quite a few small pieces, and plenty of watercolor/mixed media hand-drawn watercolor cards, and my new addition of hand-made artist trading cards! These ones are only available to purchase in person since I have so many. If you want your own greeting card or artist trading cards you would have to come visit me at one of my various shows.

I also made it into an article in the Santa Fe Indian Market Guide 2019 Santa Fe Indian Market Being Seen, Native Women and Santa Fe Indian Market by First American Art Magazine writer America Meredith. Meredith gave me an opportunity to give my views on Native women in the art market, as a newer addition to the SWAIA market as an artist, and comments on the murdered and missing indigenous women. I am also pictured with other various Native women artist from this year’s market.

Also, I would like to thank my family for supporting me and always there to help me! My family always helps by hauling my display equipment, artwork, or being the to help me managing the booth. Some people I saw don’t have this and I am blessed to have a large extended family that supports me, as well as each other. We had a fun fantastic time together as we shared stories, took photos, and laughed till we cried.

I met so many wonderful people, and some have seen my work before which is great! Ran into some wonderful art friends and enjoyed looking at wonderful artwork. Santa Fe is one of my favorite places in the world. I always tell my husband that we are retiring here when we are older! It was a good market this year, and I look forward to seeing and being in Santa Fe again.



Photo: Sunday, August 18th, 2019

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