Slow... But Steady Going

Slowly things are opening back up for the state of Oklahoma and across the Nation. But I still have worries about many things going on in our country. Even so I still work hard from my home and at work because these are things that keep me grounded. With businesses slowly opening (for some businesses 'quickly opening') this means that the gears of art exhibitions and shows are also beginning to open. Many galleries have been closed and some opened at the end of May, and others just recently. Some are waiting until next month to open. The art museum I work at opened this month. So far, it’s been good, but I get a little anxious when I see visitors not wearing their masks, but that is their prerogative not to, since we do not require it for visitors. I continue to wear my mask when I see large groups of people. I have allergies and they are usually the worst when I first wake in the morning leading to my daily ritual of sneezing and coughing. Also working with students as young as 5 has led me to be more conscious of my surroundings and when I do cough and sneeze in public and how I use my hands. I have always been one to keep sanitizer in reach.

Because of COVID-19 many exhibitions and shows were either postponed, cancelled, or have gone virtually. I have updated my exhibitions and market list if you would like to see where my artwork will be. I am going to attended the Red Earth Festival, where I was awarded back in 2018 as one of two of their emerging artist's winners (also the summer my hubby and I got married, and our anniversary is June 30th). I am looking forward to it but am a bit nervous with the state of things going on. I also have exhibitions that will be opening in the next two months. One in Tulsa, possibly one here in Shawnee, and one in Norman.

I am excited to get my artwork back out in galleries and on the walls of venues, because they do not like to be stuck in plastic bags in our guest room... Some people have asked why I do not hang up my own artwork, and that's because I have plenty of other artists artwork my husband and I have been collecting that deserve our homes wall space. I would rather my piece be sold or given to someone who will hang it in their home with pride, just as I do when purchased or gifted art from other artists.

Right now, our country is going through a lot. I have family and friends from all p