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Summer Is Here!

I was hoping to post a more recent blog post at the beginning of the month, but as always, I have been juggling multiple projects, family doings, and work obligations. But despite that I have had time to work on my art, since there for a while I was working on a digital project that took me a while to complete. I signed an NDA so I am still under that at this time, but it was a great challenge and really allowed me to try something new. I trust I can start creating more digital art pieces into the future. I finished this project right before our trip to Arizona in May to see my family on the Navajo rez, and then we spent the rest of the week traveling through Arizona down to Phoenix. We visited Monument Valley, traveled across the southern part of the rez, and stopped in Flagstaff, and then drove down into the canyon that opens into Sedona, AZ. I fell in love we Sedona. It was so beautiful. We just drove through and did not stop because I was afraid, we wouldn’t get down to Phoenix! It was gorgeous.

We finally ended up driving through Phoenix, and we drove to Gilbert where we were staying at for a few days. The tall saguaro cactus was neat to see in person. We did drive around and check out the galleries in Scottsdale, and we purchased two prints of RC Gorman. We did roam through the Heard Museum as well. Last thing we did was meet up with a friend of mine and enjoyed meeting them for the first time. She has purchased several art pieces from and is always sending encouraging messages. Can’t wait to see her again!

We did go and hike South Mountain. It was hot but fun. We climbed a ridge and got some great pictures and we felt accomplished for the hike. We did check out one of the casino’s and finished up with a meal at a nice pub near where we were staying. The next morning, we got up and left around 4:30am which would have 6:30am in Oklahoma, and we drove through another area of AZ and saw more cactus and amazing valleys and mountains. We got back onto I-40 and head to Amarillo, stayed at the big Texan and then headed home!

It was a fun trip to get away and enjoy nature and see family. I have been inspired and I have been working on new art pieces. I have a new exhibition opening in July at the Exhibit C Gallery in Bricktown, OK. I am looking forward to sharing some new completed pieces and have some bigger projects coming up soon. Keep an eye on my exhibition and market list and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates!


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