Upcoming Exhibitions and Updates

Yá'át'ééh everyone,

There have been some awesome updates these last two weeks in regards to future exhibitions, and some exciting updates from the First Americans Museum. First, is that I updated my exhibition list on my home page. My current exhibition, up at the 21c Museum Hotel, will be extended out to the end of September of this year, and this is fine with me. I would rather my art pieces be sitting on a wall, out in the public view vs. in our guest bedroom wrapped in plastic. I have already sold my piece "Sunday Morning with Chei" that is in this exhibition to the NBC Bank of Oklahoma. I contacted them asking if they were ok if the piece stayed up a little longer, and they said they were happy to have it up for a while longer. If you would like to see these art pieces at the 21c Museum Hotel please visit their website, give them a call, and schedule a visit to view my artwork and various other artists. The hotel is actually really neat and I would love to stay there just for one night. It’s contemporary in their design and the focus of the hotel is art, which is right up my alley. The link is here to learn more:

Back in June, I believe, I applied for an online exhibition called EMERGENCE, hosted by the Tulsa Community College. I received an email last week announcing I was accepted for their online exhibition for two of my pieces: "The Greetings and Clans of My Ancestors" and "Notha's Prayers". You can view these on my portfolio tab on my website if you would like to see them and listen to the audio accompanying these pieces. The exhibition is pretty neat and it can be viewed by anyone with access to the internet, and its sort of like a virtual gallery where you can view artwork on the wall, and zoom in on them to learn more. This exhibition will be up from August 2nd to August 31st. I will add the link when it becomes available ASAP.